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Sergei Rozhnov (b. 1978) is a Hong Kong-based contemporary artist. He completed and specialised in Monument Painting at the Imperial Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg and graduated with first-class honours. His classical training has since allowed him to create an especially unique contemporary art practice.

Rozhnov grew up playing volleyball in a semi-professional team where he has always juxtaposing in art and sport. This child/teen-hood experience triggered his initial inspiration to intertwine art and sport in his creative process. In the search of colours and energetic images, Rozhnov produced the Evolution series — It is a worldwide documentary of both amateur and professional athletes. Rozhnov wants to reveal the character of the players through their physical intensity and psychological emotion during the action. He believes sport truly expresses the beauty and power of human being. He transforms this observation into artistic energy on his canvas and fully presents this irresistible mechanism.  

Rozhnov combines hyperrealism and abstraction in his latest series, The Metamorphosis, where he uses silicone as the main material in his paintings. He aims to create an uncanny feeling that allows one to be aware of current life. The emergence of ink and silicone resemble the transformation of our society that is gradually mutating into the posthuman. It is a reality that we are currently living in a techno-scientific world and one cannot detach from it.  

Rozhnov was a member of Monumental Painting Bureau at St. Petersburg in 2014 and his work has been exhibited in various institutions including , Ærø Kunsthal, Californian Museum of Fine Arts and Yantai Art Museum, etc.

謝爾蓋·羅日諾夫(生於1978年)是位居住在香港的代藝術家。他畢業於以伊利亞·葉菲莫維奇·列賓 (I.E. Repin)命名的聖彼得堡美術學院主修紀念碑繪畫研究,並以榮譽畢業。他將學術知識和古典技術融入於他的當代藝術實踐中並創造出自己的獨特風格。

羅日諾夫在半職業排球隊生涯中長大,並一直在藝術和體育兩個領域中徘徊。這段年青時代的經歷激發了他在創作過程中的最初靈感,他將藝術與體育融為一體。在尋找色彩和充滿活力的圖像中,羅日諾夫製作了《進化》系列 — 這是一個記錄全球業餘和職業運動員的紀錄性系列畫作。羅日諾夫希望揭露和展示運動員在比賽過程中的體力和心理情緒,他認為體育運動能真正表達了人類的美學和力量。他將這種觀察轉化在畫布上,並充分展現了這種不可抗拒的能量。


羅日諾夫加入聖彼得堡紀念油畫局。他的作品曾在加利福尼亞州博物館(美國)、Ærø Kunsthal 丹麥現代美術館 和煙台美術館(中國)等的多個場地展出。

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