Sergei Rozhnov has a truly impressive academic background. As an artist, Sergei has explored the world of Fundamental & Classical Art Education in the best Russian Institutions of Fine Arts.

He successfully studied at one of the most prestigious art academies in the world: “St. Petersburg State Academic Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.E. Repin”, and graduated with honors, specializing in Monument Painting.

Sergei is a reputable & very talented artist, Member of the Russian Union of Artists (since 2011) and Member of Monumental Painting Bureau at St. Petersburg, with an established reputation of being an excellent classical painter, with solid academic knowledge, yet with his own very unique style.

Being an enthusiastic person, gifted artist and a sports lover, Sergei is keen in discovering new ways of depicting modern sports in art. Currently, he is working on a series of “Evolution” paintings, traveling and searching for colorful and energetic images of players around the world, both amateurs and professionals. Sergei is eager for new discoveries, trying to find what the modern sport players focus on - how their characters and emotions transform while playing. For Sergei, sports reveal a man's physical and psychological energy and beauty. The tensions and emotions of the players that he observes in the sports world spill onto his canvases and are fully reflected in his paintings.


Sergei has exhibited his artworks in solo and group exhibitions in many countries. His artworks are highly sought after and grace a museum collection & private collections of serious art collectors and art investors in Russia, USA, Canada, China, Korea, France, England, Croatia & Hong Kong.

Sergei Rozhnov’s paintings also have been sold at the well-known art auction Drouot  “Maison de ventes”, “Rossini“ (“Maison de ventes”),“Creations Contemporaines“, 2014 in Paris, France.  


对于圣彼得堡艺术家谢尔盖·罗日诺夫来说,在2017年发生了两个具有重大意义的事件-离开了工作近三年的中国大陆去了香港,带着教育的理念在香港具有艺术历史的浅水湾开办了第一个展览"体育油画"。 这些事件可以称之为是一个具有创造性的新生活指南,更像是对自己多年来创作学习的一个总结,在艺术的道路上探索出富有成效的方法。这一切的探索与成就与俄罗斯最好的艺术院校,圣彼得堡列宾艺术研究院是密不可分的。在列宾艺术研究院作为最后一批学生被分配在具有高超创作艺术的,世界著名艺术家安德烈娅·安德烈耶维奇·梅里尼科娃的班级里。
自2011年至2014年,谢尔盖·罗日诺夫任教于施蒂格利茨工艺设计研究院,在那里他研究了现代技术非常不同的一面,醉心于现代主义艺术流派,在俄罗斯和其他国家的各种具有创造性活动里都是设计先锋, 更为主要的是在法国开办了个人展览。 可以说谢尔盖·罗日诺夫已经完全掌握了俄罗斯高等学府的教学方法。
他的一幅油画作品,曾经在2014年法国巴黎著名的拍卖会"Maison de ventes"上进行拍卖,2017年参加了在香港的一个帮助儿童的慈善拍卖会上的“肖像伊莎贝拉”。

Personal and Group exhibitions:

2019 - Ærø Kunsthal. Museum of Modern Art. Denmark.  International group exhibition. 18 April - 2 September 

2019 - Beauty +/- at Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Saint Petersburg 1-17 March

2018 -  Shenzhen City Art Fair, 4-7 December

2018 - "Sport Means Youth", Erarta Contemporary Art Museum, Saint Petersburg, 20 September - 03 December

2018 - Special Project #ForArtsSake Friday, a special charity evening that helps Sovereign Art Foundation and Joyful (Menthal Heailf) Fundation, helping to raise awareness of mental well-being and the power of art to enrich lives. Live performance by Sergei Rozhnov speed Yoga - Life - Drawing "Inner Balance" in collaboration with Pure Yoga Official & Affordable Art Fair 2018, Convention and Exhibition Center Hong Kong

2018 - Special Project live speed Yoga - Life - Drawing "Inner Balance". In collaboration with Pure Yoga Official & Affordable Art Fair 2018, venue: Pacific Place, Hong Kong

2017 - "Hong Kong viewed by Russian artists", during Russian Culture Week in Hong Kong.  Venue: Red Square Gallery, Happy Valley branch. 

2017 - “Perception Chengdu” group exhibition of Chinese and Russian artists in Saint - Petersburg Union of Artists

2017 - “In The Open Air” - personal exhibition, Red Square Gallery, Hong Kong

2016  - “Impulse”, Art Centre of Painting and Graphic. St. Petersburg, Russia

2016 - "Realism without borders”, Randy Higbee Gallery. International Fine Art Exhibition. Costa Mesa. CA. USA

2016 - "La Carrousel”, La Maison Prebendale in Saint-Pol-de-Leon, France

2015 - Californian Museum of Fine Arts. Traditional Fall Exhibition. CA. USA

2015 – Yantai Art Museum. Russian Painting Exhibition in celebration of the 70th anniversary of China’s War Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti Fascism War, Chana

2014 - 2015 - Exhibitions “La Carrousel" on the Atlantic coast of France.  Salle Rene Deffain, (Prefailles), Maison du Chapitre (Pornic), Galerie de L'Hotel de Ville de Larmor-Plage,  "La Carrousel", Vannes, France

2014 – Galerie Le Garage, Nantes. Exhibition“Association Artistique Franco -Russe’’, France

2013 - Vernissage de léxposition du Cercle des Gobelins et des Beaux- Arts, Paris, France

2010-2017 – group annual exhibitions "Autumn" and “Spring” in the Exhibition Centre of St. Petersburg State Union of Russian Artists, St. Petersburg, Russia

2012 – “In the open Air"' Art Centre of Painting and Graphic”. St. Petersburg, Russia

2011-2013 - International annual group exhibitions at Saint-Petersburg State Academy of Arts and Design, winning a number of Awards, St. Petersburg, Russia  

Since 2011 -  Member of Fine arts gallery  «Academy of Arts» Foundation, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

2011 – personal Exhibition of Diploma works, Main Hall of the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia

2011 -  personal exhibition in Nabokov Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

2011 – Winner of the Contemporary Russian Visual Art Festival  “ART  STAGE”

2009 - Exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of Lions club "View of Croatia by Russian and Ukrainian artists", Zagreb, Croatia

2009 - Exhibition "View of Croatia by Russian and Ukrainian artists" Celebration of the Statehood Day of Republic of Croatia. Cultural Centre of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Moscow, Russia

2008 - Exhibition "Dalmacija" in Art salon of the Museum of Pozhega city.  Gratitude by Mayor of Pozhega, Republic of Croatia

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